Stick Packs

Stick Packets are a economical and convenient way to get your products into the hands of consumers. Applications include drink products, powder and granules products, and pharmaceutical products.

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On-the-go stick packets are a popular and an opportune way to supply your products to the intended market. They are utilized for their convenience and portability. Stick Packs offer an environmentally soft impact which appeals to many companies and consumers. They use far less material and are portable. These elongated, and slender package types are sealed at both ends and can be used with drink products, powdered and granulated products, sample or single-serving products, as well as single dose products for pharmaceuticals.  

Stick Packets offer a slim design and tubular shape to help prevent spillage and provide convenience. Our stick packs are sealed at both ends and run on a custom vertical FFS filling machine therefore they have a seam that runs down the length of each package.

The film materials used for stick package applications includes PET, MET PET or PPFP (paper/foil-poly/foil) or even paper constructs.  

Die lines for the film used for stick packs are unique and are machine-dependent. The film used can be printed or blank.  Omni Packaging can handle virtually any specifications you require as all projects are based on the versatile filling machines we use. We have a wide variety of choices to meet any size, fill volume, handling or design requirements. Our start to finish project management style incorporated with our additional services such as order fulfillment, printing, displays, and more make us a preferred choice.