A Wide Assortment of Zip Lock Pouches

Pouches and Cartons

Stand up Pouches and Flat Fill Pouches. Zip and Seal packaging applications for powders, granules and similar materials.

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The benefits to using stand up pouches and flat pouches for powder are many-fold.  In fact, plastic pouch packaging is one of the safest ways to package powder mixes, mineral solutions, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements.  They are flexible, lightweight, easy to store, and take a second to close with grip seal closures for repeated use.  Multi-laminate pouches are also extremely durable and waterproof which makes them perfect for storing in cold or warm climates for long periods of time.

For companies looking for an economical way to ship their powdered product, pouch packaging is by far your best choice.  Most companies that offer supplements in bulk, utilize pouch packaging as a cost-effective shipping practice.

Pouch packaging can be hung on retail displays, or we can provide pouches that stand-up on their own based on your specifications.  Pouch packaging is the perfect canvas for design and branding concepts that help a product jump off the shelf in a retail environment or to impress in a sampling or giveaway campaign that utilizes single-servings.  Labels are easily applied and with different sizes, types, formats, and colors, they can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Standup and Flat Pouches