Sample and Single Serving Packets

Sample Packets a cost effective way to show off your product to potential customers and increase market exposure.
Trade-show giveaways, print media inserts, mailers, and any other imaginable way to get your product into the hands of your potential clients.

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Omni Packaging Solutions has a wide variety of sample packets and single-serve packaging solutions for any industry.  Single-serve and miniaturized packaging is a great way to get you’re your product into the hands of your customers. Using single-serve packaging is extremely popular in marketing campaigns to reach new audiences and increase market share. Industries such as Health, beauty, and CBD products are using these packets to great success. Today’s on-the-go lifestyle is driving industries to provide smaller packs to accommodate this grab and go way of life. As our culture becomes more health and wellness conscious businesses are focusing on providing solutions in portion & calorie control and nutrition. Sales of single-serve foods and beverages has been climbing steadily for years.

Omni Packaging is uniquely positioned to handle this new and rising demand. Omni utilizes state-of-the-art packaging equipment to provide custom packaging for a wide variety of products, Health & Beauty, Supplement, Nutrition, Hygiene, and CBD. By meeting TSA requirements with sample packets your customers will be able to take your products around the world.

Retailers are providing sampling and single-serve packets to present your powdered, gel, and liquid products in a cost-effective, efficient, and popular way.

Contact us to discuss your project and product needs and we provide the packaging and fill.  Our start to finish project management style can also include Fulfillment Services to insure your product gets to the right destination, online order fulfillment, and more. A customizable project is our specialty.