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About Omni Packaging and Fulfillment solutions.

As a packaging and fulfillment solutions provider we work closely with you and your staff to achieve the best results. In all ways, we take your projects and make them a reality. Our commitment to you is limitless.


We are a turnkey solutions company that works in collaboration with Consolidated Design West. With 25 years of experience in packaging and fulfillment, we have provided services to both large and small companies ranging from fortune 500 companies to startups. Our premier service and management style provides a start to finish forward looking ease of mind project style.

Industries Served

Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Pharma, Sample Packets, Customized packaging, CBD products, Vape products, liquor wine spirits, apparel, household products, food packaging, Pet products, and many more.

Equal Value

In the last 25 years we have accomplished a lot. Our attention to detail and accessibility has been a winning formula for our customers. Our goal is to provide superior service, a quality product, and a long lasting relationship.

Core Values

Our companies core values are to commit, strengthen, build, and achieve. Thus, excellence becomes entrenched into each and every project. Omni’s strength and presence in the global market continues to grow, therefore opportunity, variety, efficiency, and, price points become favorable.

Building Blocks

Building long lasting relations through quality, accessibility, and achieving recognition for excellence from our community, customers, and staff.